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Organizational Excellence

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The mission of the Organizational Excellence unit is to foster, facilitate, enable, and guide organizational improvement initiatives that are of high-importance and value to the institution.


Our vision is to serve as the trusted internal consulting partner to university leaders and units as they seek to improve the overall effectiveness, efficiency and quality of their services and programs that have institution-wide impact.


  • To provide critical knowledge and expertise to campus leaders and units in the design and implementation of organizational improvement initiatives.
  • To offer and advance innovative, practical and relevant solutions to the University’s most pressing organizational challenges by maintaining a deep understanding and knowledge of the leading trends and practices within higher education and industry-at-large.
  • To build, maintain and provide the essential skills and competencies needed to achieve our mission, including project management expertise, change management competencies, expert facilitation, and thoughtful strategic advice and guidance.
  • To build trust and confidence among university leaders in our core services, methods, and people.


Service Offerings

Diagram of OE team service offerings scroll below for text list.


Uncover Barriers to High Performance

  • Organizational assessment
  • Operational assessment
  • Engagement surveys and assessment


Ensure Organizational Agility and Resiliency

  • Adaptable meaningful change management strategies
  • Innovative workplace practices and solutions
  • Organization design, networks, structures


Enhance Organizational Performance

  • Process redesign
  • Organizatio redesign
  • Operational improvement initiatives
  • Policy review and redesign
  • Organizational transformation


Guide Successful Implementation and Execution

  • Program management
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Training design and delivery


Foster Cultures of Excellence

  • Align organizational strategy and culture
  • Address cultural barriers to performance and productivity
  • Design and facilitate employee engagement strategies

Instutition-Wide Topics of Focus

  • Accessibility
  • Childcare
  • Remote work
  • Greater Washington, D.C. metro area support services delivery

Project Methodology

Organizational Excellence Methodology scroll below for text listing


Methodology Components

  • Assess
  • Build
  • Measure
  • Advance

These components occur in most instances, continuously, throughout the process.


Organizational Excellence Roles, Functions, Tactics

  • Organizational strategy development
  • Organizational design
  • Strategic facilitation
  • Project management
  • Best practice reviews
  • Process mapping and redesign
  • Data analytics
  • Project communication
  • Change management
  • Service quality improvement